Europolis 08

Europolis 08: English Excerpt of Europolis 3 and 4

Author: Werner DePauli-Schimanovich
Edited: Willibald Grossmann
Publisher: Kindle (Amazon) / novum publishing gmbh
Language: English
Publication: 01 February 2010
Kindle: B084VBGTN4


English Excerpt of Europolis 3 and 4: Europe, Economics, Science, Inventions,
Culture, Music, Revolutionary Concepts.

This book contains the translations of the main articles of EUROPOLIS3 and 4. It shows only some collages of the concerning pictures of these books. (To have a look at the original pictures the reader has to consult the original books EUROPOLIS3 and 4.) In EUROPOLIS7 an English excerpt of EUROPOLIS1 and 2 was elaborated.

EUROPOLIS3 treats a broad spectrum of DePauli’s works. Of course the focus is directed to Europe and the EU enlarged with proposals for economy and politics. Also the most important reviews of DePauli’s books and his projects in science are treated here. To round up the oevre of the author also games and inventions are discussed in this book. These all are visions of socio-economic evolution, whose kernel is the complexity and creativity of European thinking. This volume is Art-Europ: artificial prepared Europology.

In EUROPOLIS4 the rest of the not-scientific articles are published, especially about culture, politics, music, revolutionary concepts, historic topics and literature. This volume is “Revolution as Art”.

Jimmy Werner DePauli-Schimanovich (born and living in Vienna and Las Palmas) is computer scientist at the TUW (= Technical University Vienna) and ULPGC (= Uni Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), founder of the “International Kurt Gödel Society” and author and editor of several scientific books and publications.

Wilebaldo Gran-Hombre is Professor for Statistics at the University Vienna and was 31 years long colleague of Jimmy at the institute for Statistics and Computer Science. “Wilebaldo” is Jimmy’s best friend.




Picture: Europolis 08: English Excerpt of Europolis 3 and 4 – Europe, Economics, Science, Inventions, Culture, Music, Revolutionary Concepts