Gödel: A Life of Logic

Gödel: A Life of Logic

Author: John L. Casti | Werner DePauli-Schimanovich
Publisher: Ingram Publisher Services US
Language: English (Italian)
Publication: 01 December 2000
ISBN10: 0738202746
ISBN13: 9780738202747


Kurt Gödel was an intellectual giant. His Incompleteness Theorem turned not only mathematics but also the whole world of science and philosophy on its head. Shattering hopes that logic would, in the end, allow us complete understanding of the universe, Gödel’s theorem also raised many provocative questions: What are the limits of rational thought? Can we ever fully understand the machines we build? Or the inner workings of our own minds? How should mathematicians proceed in the absence of complete certainty about their results?

A complex figure, Gödel was by turns social and reclusive, ambitious and paranoid. A close friend of Albert Einstein, he declined rapidly after Einstein’s death, eventually starving himself from his fear of germs. But as Casti and DePauli brilliantiy demonstrate, Gödel’s influence persisted. His work has revolutionized not only mathematics, but philosophy, linguistics, computer science, and even cosmology. In this remarkable book, Casti and DePauli at last bring to life Kurt Gödel’s eccentric, legendary genius, and his profound intellectual legacy.

John L. Casti, a member of the faculty of both the Santa Fe Institute and the Technical University of Vienna, has written numerous acclaimed popular science books, including Would-be Worlds, Five Golden Rules, and The Cambridge Quintet.

Werner DePauli is University Assistant and Oberrat at the Institute of Statistics and Computer Science of the University of Vienna. He is the author of several books in German about Gödel.

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