Remark on Dark Energy

About 10 years ago, I had the crazy conviction that I have to publish everything on the web, because nothing can disappear there. Therefor I published my ideas about dark energy in German on Facebook. But recently a friend of mine (HCV) made a search on the web looking for all the entries about and from me, and 3 things seems to be disappeared: (1.) my article about dark energy, (2.) my blog in world press blog about my theory of memory in the brain, and (3.) a song whose title I forgot. Therefore I decided to compress in few words what I remember of this facebook-article.

Astro-Physicists measured that our universe consists only of few percent “viewable” (included radio-astronomical) matter. The majority is dark matter and especially about 72% dark energy (what e. g. forces our universe to expand).

Now on the completely other hand we have experience that e. g. plants can exchange information, and until now nobody knows how.

Everybody knows the mind + body duality monism-problem of Platon and Aristotle.

But the fine-substance (which is considered to bear the mind) is of course experimentally not measurable. And furthermore we can principally never know anything about what stuff that other universes (of the multi-verse theory) consist. Therefore all these theories are pure and poor speculation. Also my one. But I honest and confess: No matter and never mind if it is wrong.

We know today that the vacuum of our universe is not empty, because of the suddenly (quantenmechanically) existence of electron+positron-pairs, which borough energy from the (physically) nothing-vacuum and disappear immediate after. The discoverer of this fact was Paul Dirac. Therefore everybody of the schickeria should know the Dirac-formula “ i.γµ.∂µψ = m.ψ ” which is in my opinion more important than Albert Einstein’s field- equation and “ E = m.c² ” or Max Plank’s energy-equation “ E = h.ν = ħ.ω ”, but equal important as Erwin Schrödinger’s equation “ i.ħ.∂tψ = H.ψ “.

My conjecture is: The universe and its vacuum are furthermore full with the fine-substance we cannot measure, because it is the “eternal ghost”. And this is the dark energy of the universe.

This would also explain the “teleological problem of the universe”, which came into existence out of nothing. But in my opinion this “nothing” is nothing else then the world-ghost. Please do not mix him up with a personal god!

Please do not say: You are crazy ! First think it over.

Author: Dr. Werner Depauli-Schimanovich (2019)

Additional explainations:

The quantum-mechanical notion Kat(O), where O is an operator consists of a vertical bar “|”, the operator “O” and the quantum-corner “\ sub/”, its converse, the Bra is the contrary “/sub\”followed by the operator “O” and the vertical bar “|”. Bra and Kat together of an operator is always 1.

The Hamilton operator is the vectorial differentiation, i. e. the vector partiel-d-sub(x), partiel-d-sub(y), partiel-d-sub(z) end-vector.

The DeBrougli wavelength lambda-sub-dB = h/mv.

The general wave-equality is partial-d-squared [of] psy(x,t)/partial-d [of] x-squared = (1/v-squared)[times]partial-d-squared[of]psy(x,t)/partial-d[of] t-squared.

Where capital-psy[of](x,t) = A.cos(omega.t).cos (k.x), where the first term is the amplitude while the second is the weakening.

Dirac-formula: i.[times]gamma.[times]partial-d[of]psy = m.[times] psy

Albert Einstein: E= m.c-squared

Max Plank’s enery-equation: E=nü.[times] h

Erwin Schrödinger’s equation: i.h-hyphen.partial-d-sub(t)[of]Kat(psy) = Hamilton-Operator(Kat([of]psy))

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