Symposium APC

Symposium APC (= Asian + Pan-European Connection or Continent) March 2020

Symposium APC

Dr. Werner DePauli-Schimanovich
Institute for Statistics and Informatics, University Vienna.
Rathausstrasse 19, A-1090 Vienna/Austria in Europe.

Asian + Pan-European Connection or Continent

One can call this also Eurasia, or AECooperation, etc. That’s only a somehow different point of view. In this article I will only present you condensed information: APC has about 4 billion inhabitants. It’s the largest continent on our earth (or if we want to be exactly: double-continent.) I like to compare it with a fish: China is the head, Japan its eyes, Russia the back-bone [Rücken], the Asian community the lung, the Indian subcontinent the belly, Kazakhstan the heart, and the Peu (Pan Europe) its appendix. This may be the tail, but in medicine it’s a special part of the body. (in German we call it: Blinddarm.) [The appendix is in fact a relict of ancient times when our bodies could also digest the green grass too, like the horses until today.] But this appendix becomes often infected and has then to be cut out from the body [what happened to me when I was 5 years old.] We all hope that this will not happen to the Peu too. And therefore we have to set up actions to prevent that already now: We have to put the benefits of being part of the APC better in view than they are it today. Not only the economic power, it’s the creativity (number of patents owned by the Peu,) the culture (e.g. Vienna is the capital of music on this planet.) All great composers and musicists lived in Vienna.) What most people do not know is e.g. that the great Vivaldi lived and died in Vienna and is buried there. About Chinese and Indian music I know too less, and therefore my knowledge is too poor to give a statement. Another point is history: it started more or less mainly in China and a little bit later in Europe. Therefore from these few points we can entail that more or less now the APC plays the principal role on the planet. He is now still governed by the USA, but we all feel that the American epoch is now slowly coming to its end. The USA does not like this, and there are attempts to stop this process, [president Trump tried his best in this direction.] but it failed. Only its military power is still dominant. But the more APC grows together, it also becomes stronger in the military sense. Now APC is ruled by a tripod: China + Russia + Peu (short: CRP), and this 3pod will govern the world in future. Therefore Europe has to try to hold his present dominant place in the 3pod.

Since the European Union EU is certainly not the organization that guarantees this. It has its merits and will keep them. But with the EU alone, no further progress is possible. This implies that also the role of Europe in the APC Is weekend slowly. Therefore we should first start new European activities like CECIS and PECIS, etc.

With the Pan-European Community of Independent States I started already about 1990, i.e. 30 years ago, but the times had not been ripe for such a revolutionary idea. Now I feel it’s possible to put it into practise. But when newcomers without any political experience and education are taking over this job (what I consider as very important), then we should first gain more experience there where it is still existing, and this is e. g. in Central-Europe: (I declare:) the 4 states Czech + Slovakia + Austria + Hungary form the new centre of Europe. Brussels will further keep its importance as centre of West-Europe. But the 4 mentioned states should generate the CECIS. In the North of Bratislava should be established Centropia, the central capital of the CECIS. If this works we can try the next step: and generate PECIS: I understand under this all states which have a part of its territory in geographical Europe (i. e. the territorial principle) plus Israel plus Palestine (that’s our historical debt). Then we will construct the new capital for Europe: Europia between Vienna and Bratislava, in the North of the castle lake. When Brazil was able to make such a step, Europe will be able certainly too.

This way the Peu will play a dominant role of the 3pod for the benefit of the APC. To recognize this in its total diameter we have to consider first the development of the APC. Therefore Peter Weibel from the ZKM in Karlsruhe/Germany started with the idea of celebrating the symposium “The age of Eurasia” to conditioning our thinking in these new dimensions.

The propaganda with the new silk-road is not the attempt to connect Europe better with China, but has as its true goal to win back the control and influence over Asia and push back Russia’s influence. Further should the underdeveloped Western provinces of China become a better connection to the main industrial zones near the pacific-coast. And e.g. the Uyghurs province Xinjiang should be easier filled with Han-Chinese people. Traffic of goods will still go by ship, because this is the cheapest way.

The new Container-Icebreakers, a new technology developed in Germany guarantees that traffic of goods in containers can be shipped over the Nord ocean route as usual. That’s much cheaper than the new silk trains or trucks, and save millions of US$.

Now I want to make a real futuristic design of the possible net of vacuum tubes VT with magnetic elevated trains like the TRANSRAPID planned by mister Eon Musk. Starting with the oldest plans: From London over Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, probably Frankfurt/Main, continuing over Dusseldorf, to Dortmund, Rostock, to Berlin, going on over Warsaw to Minsk and Moscow. After some time and its success Musk will prolong this earth-line A over Astana, Baikal lake, Mongolia, to Peking. Later from there to Yokohama and Vladivostok. Now comes science fiction into consideration: The world-wide VT-TRnet! That’s revolutionary, but a revolutionary like Eon Musk can realize that: From Vladivostok go on over Kamtschatka, the Aleuts island-chain to Alaska, and from there of course somehow through Canada and USA, but that should not be the end of world-line A, because from there it should go on through Middle America and Caribbean to Latina (= South America).

From now on the real revolution starts: From the Atacama desert A goes to the Ant-arctic, which will be at this time hopefully ice-free. (Maybe the engineers and architects can develop a large glass or plexi-glass or carbonite over it which covers it such that it would always be warm inside. From the Ant-arctis start 2 lines to the North. The first branch B goes to New Zealand, Australia, Papua-New-Guinea, and Indonesia, +India, +Tibet, to Shanghai, and back to Peking. The second branch C goes from the Ant-Arctic direct to South-Africa, and through the African continent to the Canary islands back to Africa and to the North to Spain, +Paris, +London, +Ireland. Such way the circle is closed.

It will need certainly difficult constructions. I prefer pillars out from the ocean in distances of about 5 kms and hang on them the tubes. This would generate a world-wide traffic net. But I suggest also a broad canal as new water-way from the Mediterranean see to the Nord ocean: a connection between Black See and Caspian see, proceeding from it to the Aral lake, connecting it somehow by a channel with the Ob-river (maked broad at its upper part by a large lock).

At the end of the article let us return to Eurasia: the pillars of it (beside the traffic) should be: culture, cooperation and commerce: C-cube or C3! Not war, crime, migration, poor people, religion, etc.

PS: my heart-wish is that the Rubik-company should produce the earth-puzzle as a ball (on the base of the 2x2x2 cube) consisting of 8 octants (instead of the cubies), where every octant contains a continent or the North or South Pacific. That’s possible with light modifications and applied geography.

Vienna, 1st March 2020

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