CECIS: Central-European Community of Independent States

The aim of this paper is the attempt to bring You, honourable reader, some of my ideas concerning this theme nearer to investigate them. The reason, why I decided me to do so, is: For nearly 10 years my songs and hymns about Europe had been more or less been ignored by the audience of Youtube. They had only some klick-ons, while other songs sometimes have millions. But since about 2 month they had been visited increasingly often, and especially the “Pan-Euro-March”, composed by me and arranged by an American composer and chapel-singer (a friend of my younger daughter Martina who lived in San Francisco at that time about 20 years ago.) of course I payed € 400,–. I wondered because today is no Europe-friendly time, and especially no interest for Pan-Europe. I told that to my friend Professor Wilfried Grossmann, but he replied: He has not this opinion, because in the last 2 month he received positive response concerning Europe. So I decided: Its now or never to write down my ideas upon this subject.

The reader who wants to inform himself about me and my work is invited to consult Wikipedia, or my homepage depauli.work, where my publications are also listed.

May be that the readers of this article have the opinion, why should we add a new organisation to amplify the already overcrowding beurocrazy. But you can see that I speak of a ”community” and not of a “union” and of “independent states” instead of a “large central state” at the end of the development, like the European Union EU has it as goal. I miss also the “elan” and enthusiasm of the beginning days of the EU, and I have the feeling the progress has slowed down last time rapidly.

Therefore I think, we shall start anew there, where interest in the topic exists, and this is e. g. in Central-Europe.

For CECIS I suggest mainly 4 states: Tchechia, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. I think for such a community 2 types of membership should be possible: ordinary and extra-ordinary members. And the goal should be mainly an economic cooperation without any political obligations like community of western values and/or payment (subvention) of poor regions, but only economical support and cooperation. Then there will also be place for states or unions like the USA, EU, Russia or Bjelo Russia as extra-ordinary supporting members.

Of course I will give also my suggestions for traffic-infrastructure, e. g. for a TRANSRAPID_net to connect the regions and capitals. (But the realization should be done by economical considerations.)

I am convinced that the mentioned 4 states are the real center of geographical Europe, and they will move the present center back to the place where it should really be. Of course large communities like the EU will probably become an extra-ordinary member of such a CECIS because it does not cost something and it is always good to have a foot in it to observe the development.. But I think also another Pan-European Community of Independent States PECIS (I designed already 20 years ago, what is documented by my songs and EUROPOLIS-books) will be established one day.

The well-known artist Peter Weibel, he is director of the ZKM (center of art and media-technology in Karlsruhe, Germany) and my most-famous student, persuaded me to publish the first volume of EUROPOLIS (he edited) about traffic, because this topic is the one where I made the most promising contributions for the future development (he said).

But before I speak about traffic solutions for CECIS, I want to speak about the persons who are interested in this project. These are of course friends of mine. I have to know these people very well. There is e. g. Ms. Eva Bartekova and her 3 daughters who live together with her in Trentcin, Slovakia (about 180 km NO of Bratislava). I suggest to put Ms. Bartekova as president of the congregation (Verein, social club) to prepaire the organisation of CECIS, and her 2nd daughter Miroslava . . . as general secretary. The other 2 daughters can function as vice-presidents in the Slovakian congregation (Verein, social club). A similar congregation/social club in Austria will be established with people from the universities, etc., also my 2 daughters will contribute to CECIS in Austria. (So, the reader can imagine that ladies have prominent representation in this movement.) In Hungary of course something similar will happen: There are also well known persons of the philosophical department (and also of that of computer science) of the Etvös University, where I gave lectures about mathematical logic, in Budapest and Tibor Vamos of the academy of science, and they knew me from my books because they understand German. And there are also some professors from the universities in Brno (e. g. Cescka and Professor Fuchs) and the academy of science in Praha in the field of computer science, who know me from EUROCAST and my work about Kurt Gödel, who was born in Brno 1906 and become later in Princeton, NJ, USA, the best friend of Albert Einstein.

So the reader will belief me when I guarantee that there is a deep interest to establish a CECIS in the mentioned 3 East European states. I would take the job of a reporter (Schriftführer, script-writer).

Now to the traffic solution: I suggest to construct 3 TRANSRAPID-lines. Line A from Vienna to Brno, then turn down to Bratislava and its airport, continuing going ahead in Slovakia, pass the Danube to Gyor (near Dunaiska Streda) and go on to lake Balaton. At its end turn to the right to Graz and Klagenfurt (and perhaps proceed to Trieste and Koper.) That is a really long line. But line B is much shorter. It goes from Prague to Brno and Slovakia, there to the 2nd airport Kosice (which is an Austrian property). As line C I suggest the connection Vienna + Budapest over Europia (the planned capital-city of Europe, in the North of the “castle lake” between Vienna and Bratislava) [because what Brazil could, can Europe too.] and Bratislava. Of course CECIS shall take a permanent seat in the EZB (if possible) and accept the Euro as 2nd valid currency. And English should be accepted as 2nd official language of CECIS in all 4 countries.

I hope that these few suggestions will give the honesty reader a plastic view how CECIS can be constructed and established. But first the 4 social clubs have be formed in the 4 states to prepare everything.

Author: Dr. Werner DePauli-Schimanovich (2019)

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