Motto: C3: Cooperation of Commerce and Culture

PECIS: Pan-European Community of Independent States

Its time to force the idea that Europe is not only the appendix of Eurasia, but also an own and great continent, and give this idea a new impact. If the honour full reader knows my songs on Youtube, especially the PECIS Hymn (= Pan-European Community hymn verse 1 & 2, and the continuation 3 to 7) (it was not made for public distribution, but for my younger daughter Martina who lived at that time [about 20 years ago] in San Francisco, USA,) and the Pan-Euro-March composed by me but recorded by an American singer and composer. If the reader know these songs he will agree, that I am the right “kybernos” to take our destiny and the wheel of development of history in his hands, and thank the EU for everything it has made good work for us already, but from now on they can go on sleeping, because now I am the new kybernos who keeps the cart going on and I will give the new direction in which Pan-Europe will go on in future. E. g. it is not our job to repeat steadily that Victor Orban from Hungary is a bad boy. The Hungarians selected him and therefore he shall govern his country in their sense and this is not our concern. Europe is not part of the US-guided „western value community”. We have our own values and these are often different from those of the USA. Furthermore we have to find some kind of coexistence and compromise with Russia and Turkey (and in general also the Islam) cause we are part of Eurasia. This makes us woundable and somehow dependent of others. But I do not want to start here a broad explanation of my beliefs. Those people who are interested in that are advised to consult Wikipedia about my person or my homepage or my EUROPOLIS books (unfortunately in German with only few articles in English, Spanish or French) or my songs in You Tube, e. my song “jimmy las palmas”, because my songs say more about me and my opinion than 1000 words theory.

The PECIS I designed over 20 years ago (i. e. about 1990) shall be a cultural and historical club of friends with different reasons, mainly economical ones. Therefore I start with the Europe of Alexander the Great, and expanded about 2000 the geographical definition of Europe to a mathematical one (i. e. the concerning octant of the globe, when every continent is more or less passed into an octant (North and South America separately and north and south pacific too. See my articles in EUROPOLIS 3). Some of these articles will be reprinted on my homepage. I have had them all in English too, but by some bad accident of my old computer they had all been diminished.

PECIS will probably have following ordinary members: (like) the EU, Turkey, Russia, Kasachstan, White Russia, because it should be organized concerning the “Teritorial-Principle”: Every state which has a part of its territory in Europe (geographical or mathematical?) has the right to become a member of PECIS. Or also if it has historical reasons as e. g. in the case of Israel and Palestina. Of course especially the ultra-peripheric territories need a special treatment: the Canary Islands, Reunion, Guyana in South-America, etc. The Euro “€” should become an official accepted currency in the PECIS. Its a commonly distributed lie that everywhere a common currency of a community of states has been introduced, it failed. What happened with the Dollar”$”? Did it fail? No. So let us wait and see later if the Euro survived.

English should be accepted as 2nd language in all states of PECIS, and it needs an anthem in English for children (I composed such one, the “Hymn for Europe” you can find on You Tube, but it has only 8000 followers (together with other videos but under a different name they are about 10.000). And as flag I suggest the “flagring” (invented by me) often used at the covers of my EUROPOLIS books.

PECIS offers not only a new ideology for European people, but it gives also hope for a better economic development for Africa and (parts of) Asia because of the economic power of PECIS: Not only China and the USA will probably become extra-ordinary members, but also the OAS (= Organization of African States) and probably Asian and Mercosur. South-America has chances for economic cooperation, but with restriction to well-defined standards of quality, especially in the agricultural case.

Citizens of PECIS become more and more cosmopolitical. E. g. the youngest daughters of Ms. Eva while the daughter of Ms. Anna Pradova (from Michaelovce in Slovakia near the Ukrainian border) lives since 12 years in London.

So Europe is more and more developing itself in the direction of world-citizens. What we still have to support more, are our practical abilities.

It seems that the first words of the “Hymn for Europe” become slowly true: “Old Europe is starting to be number one, bringing welfare to North and to South.”

I will found a congregation or social club of friends of PECIS in Vienna to push the idea of a Pan-European Communities of Independent States a bit forward.

Good ideas are very powerful even then, when they are wrong/false. E. g. Columbus discovered America because he was convinced that we European (mainly the Spaniards) have to find a way over the West and make him to one of us or India to have the possibility to make trade and get these important rich herbs and spices of India and later Indonesia (and Philippines). Another powerful idea is the “Neue Seidenstrasse” (Belt and Road Initiative) to push trade of China with Europe. But this is a complete lie, because trade by ship is much cheaper than the trade by train. The real reason for this endeavour is: China has its main economic power regions on the Pacific coast, and the West provinces and also a large part of the middle region is under-developed. Therefore new Seidenstrasse is a good propaganda keyword for the development of the West provinces and to get back the power over whole Asia (and role Russia a little bit back).

PECIS is another powerful idea. (We have only to believe in it).

Finally my suggestion for the jobs in PECIS-congregation (social club): I vote for Ms. Eva Bartekova as president, her 2nd daughter Miroslava . . . . as General Secretary and 1st vice-president, her 3rd daughter Nicola Bartekova as translator and 3rd vice-president, and the 1st daughter Zaneta . . . . as 2nd vice, my 2 daughters and also a lot of other people will help us to proceed.

Of course we will invite the presidents Putin, Nasarbajew and Erdogan to work with us, and to support us, but also the often called last dictator of Europe Lukashenko (the Austrian old-chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel called him once “Kümmel-Türk” (. . . . English) because we have to keep in mind: a dictator does not become a democrat because when we exclude him from the community of the good persons, but when we use the old-Chinese method (i. e. Sinuisation) and make him to one of us. Look to Helena Fischer who is from Bjelo Russia.

All these countries at the edge of Europe (and their leaders) will support us (I hope also with some money) because they know that is their chance to gain influence they do not have in the EU.

The anthem of the PECIS will be the Pan-Euro-March composed by me (look at You Tube!), and the banner will be the flag-ring (invented by me, i. e. with all flags of the members ordered/arranged in 3 concentric circles).

The danger of PECIS is: that this may evolve into a giant economic competition race between the continents, e. g. PECIS and Africa against USA and China + Asia (+ Australia, etc.). As long as this is only an economic competition for the interest of general wealth for the populations, its o. k., but the danger is that it will result in war. Let’s hope that this will never happen.

What is your opinion? Please write your comment below the Pan-Euro-March in You Tube. Thanks in advance to everybody who is cooperating.

Author: Dr. Werner DePauli-Schimanovich (2019)


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